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Jetski trailers

The jetski trailer can often be overlooked during the purchase stage, and yet it can have it's own set of inconvenient and expensive issues.  A well designed and manufactured trailer can make your jetski usage so much easier.  Some of the things to look out for might not be what you think if you have never owned a jetski before.

* Jockey wheel: makes life so much easier moving it around when it it unhooked from the tow vehicle.

* Good tyres:  jetski trailer tyres suffer from sun damage, flat spots from sitting too long, and age more often than wear.  Checking the tyres are in good order can save a few bucks.

* Adjustable stopper on the winch post:  to adjust for the length of your ski.  A good trailer should have an excellent balance point so the weight of the ski sits over the axle making the trailer almost effortless to lift on and off the car.

* Galvanised frame: critical for our salt water environment.  Avoid US trailers which are painted not galvanised.

* Winch rope: nicer than a winch wire which can fray and become uncomfortable to handle.

* Good tow ball coupling and handle with provision for a coupling lock.

* 2 Safety chains:  one from the coupling to the car incase the coupling bounces off the tow ball, and the second one from the winch post to the ski.

* Adjustable carpet runners (where applicable):  the carpet runners are often the best system due to the full hull support they offer, but make sure they are adjustable to suit the width and perfect balance point for the ski.  There should be ample room between the keel of the ski and the cross bar otherwise it may hit the hull when travelling.  The carpet should be in good condition and siliconed once a year for easy sliding.

* Roller trailers (where applicable):  make sure there are more than 3 sets of rollers to support the weight of the ski, and the ski sits evenly on all rollers.

* Good lights and wiring:  check the lights all work, lens covers are not broken and the trailer plug is not corroded.  Extremely common to have lighting issues on trailers and it can be just a bulb or connection which has vibrated loose.  Typically it is better to have light units up on poles so they don't go into the salt water.

* #1 on the list (we saved the most obvious for last) - Wheel bearings:  select a trailer brand made in NZ and check the wheel bearing are not rumbly.  The bearings suffer especially when put into the water after a decent amount of travel distance (hot meets cold) and we would expect bearings to require replacement every few years.  Be very careful buying a trailer of imported origin which may have Chinese components; these corrode in a very short time and must be checked prior to each road journey.

Currently the top 2 nationwide jetski trailer brands are:

Makz Trailers

DMW Trailers  

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