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This professional switch mode charger is designed to automatically maintain, optimise and prolong the life of your jetski battery.


The LED back lit digital display has a unique feature that provides the following information:

o Battery voltage

o Chare rate in Amp's

o Charge mode status

o Battery on-charge indicator for a quick reference

o Battery connection errors


Included in this system kit is;

o A mains power cord

o Connection leads with fused ring lead connection for permanent battery connection complete with a splash proof rubber cap

o Connection leads with crocodile battery clamps for easy short term connection

o Wall bracket and 2 fixing screws


We recommend you charge your battery a minimum of once a month overnight when the jet ski is not in use to get the maximum life of your battery.



If you have an original lead acid battery, it is recommended that you charge your battery overnight, every 3 - 4 weeks rather than leaving the charger on constantly.  If in doubt, just ask - let us know the brand of battery you have at 

Jetski Battery Charger System

  • o  Maximum dimensions:  128mm x 88mm x 39mm

    o  Weight:  0.4 kg

    o  Voltage AC:  220-240V ~, 50-60 Hz, 0.16A Max

    o  Charging Output Current:  0.9 Amps

    o  Charging Output Voltage:  14.4V Max

    o  Cooling:  Vented outer case


    • Courier delivery by Courier Post.
    • Please provide a daytime delivery where the parcel can be signed for.
    • Allow 2-4 days for standard delivery and longer for rural delivery.


    • We can also offer delivery and installation of the connection port if you are having other work done.  Please use the standard booking enquiry form on the bookings page.
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