Sharing my husband with you lot

Quite often I find myself waiting to get a word in. These are simple day to day words like, 'do you want a cup of tea' or 'dinner's ready'. Patiently waiting at 7am, 7pm, public holidays, Valentines Day. This is because I am married to the jet ski doctor and there are a lot of phone calls, on the weekends, early in the morning, and dear I say it, Christmas Day.. yes, had it.

Last year, we tried to lighten the pressure a bit, and removed Kevin's phone number from the website replacing it with mine. With my measly eleven years on the job, I can handle the basic enquiries and redirect calls to Kevin where needed. I thought this new system was going quite well, but on reviewing the current January phone bill today, I see Kevin spent 22 hours and 45 minutes talking on the phone, with a massive 470 text messages!

I've also started using an App, called Any Do. I can plug my question in and it will remind me later on to ask, pending a free moment with the doctor/husband. Otherwise things just weren't getting done. Our catch up conversation time was often in very inappropriate locations where I couldn't make notes or order Seadoo parts.

There are a few calls he's missed or failed to get back to people. And we apologise for that. Sometimes when I say, he'll call you back tomorrow, that's because there are no hours left in today between the jobs that can't be interrupted, parts orders, a quick meal, phoning back the other 10 callers before you and some sleep.

But I think we hit a fairly high success rate, in comparison to many company owners in all sorts of industries, who would never, ever dream of taking a call on a weekend, let alone New Years Day. Sometimes it is appreciated. Sometimes not.

Not too worry though, it is nice to think that in another couple of months there will be a few extra moments for idle husband and wife chit chat as the work slows down into winter pace and we can say we survived another season. Rest, revive, repeat. xx Mrs. G

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