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COVID-19: When Will We Be Back

History is being written. It's Life vs. Business. And it will be interesting times for the jetski industry.

Here at the Ski MD base, we are quietly grateful for everything we have and haven't got. We haven't got the big overheads, we haven't got staff. We have a small business that has an 'online face'.

We were social distancing experts prior to this pandemic. Bookings by email, paperwork by email, and the servicing is often 'contactless' with half of our customers absent from the site. So business will not be that different for us when we can return to work.

Currently we expect to be back on the road when Level 2 is announced. We have a waiting list which will keep us busy for the first few weeks, so if you have servicing or repairs due - please send your booking enquiry through now and we will get you on that list.

All the dealers you normally use for jetski purchases and accessories will need your support - especially the bigger shops who have invested heavily in stock, staff and retail space. Our thoughts are with them now as they face these extraordinary times.

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