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Advise, tips & guides

Don't read any further if you are an employee of BRP, Yamaha Marine or Kawasaki.  You may be offended by some of our opinions.

If you are looking to buy a jet ski or care for the one you've got correctly, please read on.  These opinions are formed from servicing and repairing hundreds of jet ski's over many years.  The tips, videos and guides are also here to help us;  each summer we are literally inundated with questions about what to buy and it consumes a lot of time which isn't always available.  So, we have built a number of helpful articles over the years to answer the questions and we are continually updating them.

Buyers advice

One of the most common questions for us is about buying ski's.  Because we are independant and service all makes and models, it puts us in an ideal position to view the range and make comparisons.  We offer a comprehensive amount of information so you can avoid some of the major mistakes.

Tech tips

A wide range of tips and videos to help jetski owners deal with the basics to keep their watercraft healthy and happy between servicing.

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