Frequently Asked Questions

What brands do you service?

We service most Seadoo, Kawasaki, and Yamaha models with some specific model exceptions.


How much is a service?

Service costs depend on which make, model, year, hours and history (this is why we ask you fill in the booking form).  Pricing for a service ranges from $385 - $565 including GST for the most common models.

Do you come to me?

For annual servicing of your jetski we come to you if you are within our regular service area.  This is normally on a week day - and can be your home, work or any other address you choose.  The location needs to be suitable to carry out the job - preferably flat ground, 1 meter around all sides of the jetski, and our service van able to be positioned near to the jetski.  Nothing else is required.  


Do I need to be home?

No.  Many of our customers give us specific security instructions to access their jetski.  If any issues arise it is preferable that you are available to answer a phone call to discuss any extra repair costs.  Our van is fully self contained.  Hose access is not normally required.


Do you service 2-strokes?

The 2-strokes are all well over 15 years old now, with the exception of some stand up models.  The average reliable lifespan of a well cared for jetski is 10 years.  Due to the issues that many of the 2 stroke models have, it is not wise for us to get involved with any 2 stroke which we have not been servicing consistently for its life. 


How do I book my jetski in?

We request that everyone uses our booking form to send any enquiry.  This gives us all the information we need to give you pricing and dates if required.  We also use this email system to send you our Terms and Conditions of service, your service history and invoice.  If you do not use email you may be better suited to visit your local dealer for direct contact.  

How far ahead do I need to book?

If you annual service is due in October, November, December or January - you need to book 6 weeks in advance.  Most other months we are booking between 2-3 weeks ahead for Auckland areas.


How do I pay?

We have 3 online payment options which we send with your invoice; Direct Banking, Visa/Mastercard, Paypal.


How long does the service take?

A standard service on most models is between 55 - 70 minutes.  The Seadoo Spark (full service) is 90 - 120 minutes.  Any repairs, battery replacements etc, will take additional time.  

What is included in a service?

We specialise in an annual service which will protect and minimise as much deterioration as possible during the next 12 months.  Over the 20+ years we have formed a few special treatments to reduce future issues.  These vary between brands/models.  Our standard 4 stroke service (excluding the Seadoo Sparks) includes replacing the spark plugs, oil filter, and oil.  We have a full page check sheet which includes checking the battery, charging system, hose clamps, cables, and the drive line.  In all Seadoo's we like to remove the jet pump to treat the driveline which is particularly noisy if not serviced.  "You will hear the difference.We also check for recorded faults and can do a diagnostic plug in if required, including resetting maintenance counters.


My jetski is not running right - do you need to know that?

Yes!  Our most surprising one is when we arrive to do a 'standard service' and are then told it isn't going!  If you have any concerns, tell us in the booking form - then we can ask more questions and try to avoid delays if specialty parts are required.  We also allocate an amount of time for each booking which is a bit longer for any issues, and that keeps us on time for the next person who may be waiting for us to arrive.

I am not in your regular service area.  Can you still service my jetski?

Yes.  There are a few options.

1. You may have a family member that does live in our service area that wouldn't mind you parking your jetski there for the day. 

2. We do some servicing out of our base in Tairua.  If you want to travel to us we can arrange a booking for a day that suits you (can include a Saturday).  A discount applies as we are not travelling to you.

3. We will travel to many other locations if we have a group of jetski's to service.  This is popular with a few clubs or group of friends who get their jetski's together for servicing on the same day. 

The day and time doesn't suit me. What are my options?

Our mobile service doesn't suit everyone.  On our average day we may cover the length of Auckland and it is not feasible to be in certain parts of town at certain times depending on our starting point and current bookings.  If you are unable to leave your jetski safely unattended or come to our Tairua workshop, we are happy to give you a list of other dealers/workshops who may be a better option for your situation.

Why should I use Ski MD?

We are a small company who take pride in our work.  We want you to have fuss free jetski ownership and believe we can make that happen for most people when they follow our advice.  Experience counts when it comes to spotting potential issues and getting repairs done quickly - saving you dollars in labour costs.  Our loyal customers know Kevin will jump if they have an unexpected problem or answer any question they may have at any time.  Check out some of our customer comments here.