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Buyers tips

Buyers Guide Booklet

If you are looking to buy your first second hand jet ski, this Buyers Guide could save you from buying a lemon.  All the basics from which brand, right up to the final inspection, over colour coded 18 pages for easy step by step reference.

Buying your first jetski FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when looking to buy your first jet ski, and additional questions from the Buyers Guide.

NZ Jet Ski Dealers and Service Workshops

Every day we get asked this question "Where should I go to buy a jet ski"..   Here is a list of the current jet ski retailers around New Zealand and also a list of workshops who do jet ski repairs.

Jetski Trailers - Cheap, Expensive or Second-hand

The jetski trailer can often be overlooked during the purchase stage, and yet it can have it's own set of inconvenient and expensive issues.  A well designed and manufactured trailer can make your jetski usage so much easier.  Some of the things to look out for might not be what you think if you have never owned a jetski before.

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