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The low down of jetski batteries - 8 top points

Jetski battery 101 knowledge in just 8 bullet points.

Video: Some jetski battery basics

In this video, Kevin explains all the basics you should know about jetski batteries, what types, dual battery issues and how to look after them for maximum life..

Video: When do I service my jetski?

It's a common misconception jetski owners have when they only do a few hours riding each year, they think it is not due.  However, the rule of thumb for most 4 stroke models is a service every 50 hours OR once a year and here's why it can have very serious consequences otherwise ..

Video: Exclusive Waverunner Service Mods

We've prepared a short video to explain two very handy modifications that we do in all our late model Waverunner services.  You will see the notes on your service records which say; "rear baffle flaps have been removed and squirter disconnected"  here's why... 

Jetski Fishing

When it comes to fish finder equipment, you need to be talking to the experts who spend their free time fishing.  That is not us.  That's where Robert at Kiwi Jet Ski comes into the picture.  Robert will talk all day long about what will suit your needs for fishing equipment based on years of experience. See his website for contact details.

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