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A simple, cost effective piece of emergency equipment to have onboard in the event your craft is required to be towed back to shore.


By clamping the main water in line prior to towing, you can prevent water back drafting into the engine, and gives the ability to be towed at normal speed.


Each model varies in location of the main water in line.  In most cases your owners manual will show which hose to clamp.


Once you have the Emergency Hose Clamp Tool, identify the correct hose and practise fitment while sitting on the jetski (to simulate being out on the water).  This will become part of your emergency plan.

Emergency Hose Clamp Tool

    • Courier delivery by Courier Post.
    • Please provide a daytime delivery where the parcel can be signed for.
    • Allow 2-4 days for standard delivery and longer for rural delivery.
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