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This custom designed system is for people who can't store their jetski near a power outlet, therefore making it difficult or impossible to charge the battery when the ski is not in use without removal.  The terminals can be fiddly and cause problems if not tightened efficiently once it is returned to the ski.   Many of our call outs have been for issues where the customer has simply not installed the battery correctly after removal to charge it. 


This Quick Battery Disconnect allows the owner to remove the battery with a simple 1 step plug method, avoiding any handling of the battery terminals, so the battery can be taken inside for storage on the smart charger.


Our AGM batteries have a standard life between 3-5 years with correct/constant battery care.  A battery needs to be charged once a month, but best to be left on the smart charger for optimum cycling.  Failure to charge a battery will normally result in damage beyond recharge in less than 6 months.


$95.00 includes fitting at the same time as a service (subject to our normal service schedule).

$75.00 for product only which can be sent to your local dealer to fit for you (professional installation required).


See our product demonstration video for more information.

Ski MD Quick Battery Disconnect

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