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Workshop Vlog - 2003 Seadoo Repairs

In our Used Jet Ski Buyers Guide we talk about the life span of a jet ski in New Zealand being 10 years. We get proof of this time and time again. There are a few different factors of this 'lifespan', one of which is obsolete parts. Seadoo are notorious for cutting manufacture of some model specific parts as early as 5 years after the model was released. In this case, the original 4 stroke "j-pipe" exhaust was no longer available around 2012 - 9 years after it went into this ski. I remember ordering the last 3 new ones we could get our hands on.

The j-pipe had a few issues and many were replaced. Now the option is replacement with a later model system which was a few thousand dollars last time we priced it out. This is where Kevin's knowledge and range of repair skills comes in to play. He is able to do a repair on the j-pipe and keep the ski on the water for a bit longer.

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