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Seadoo's Horrendous Dealer History

This article was originally written in 2011, after the melt down of a major Australian Seadoo dealer, which drew us to look at our own Seadoo dealer history in NZ. We re-visit it again in 2017 for a couple more NZ dealers to add to the list, in particular, one of the longest standing Seadoo dealers in NZ after a shocking and unceremonious end to their dealer agreement.

The biggest thing to suffer with these changes, technical knowledge. Unfortunately it is a fact that the new dealership can flash the cash around, set up a fancy showroom (no doubt with copious promises from BRP), and have no comprehensive mechanical support for the product they are selling.

The original artical was started in 2011;

Businesses come and go, particularly in these delicate financial times, but in years I have been involved in the sales and service of PWC, Seadoo dealerships have been falling in numbers, but always with another newbie to take their place, someone who mistakes the large turnover for large wealth. A 'stand out' dealership for me is Gold Coast Seadoo in Australia, this dealership was the one I looked up to when starting PWC Planet (my former business) in Auckland, as they were cranking out as many new Seadoo's per annum as all the dealers do in NZ collectively. They had the flashest building, the best sponsored rider in Australia and were the perfect Seadoo 'model'.

News this week, the doors are shut at Gold Coast Seadoo. And Australia's largest parallel jetski importer, Jetski Warehouse, are answering their phone number. Wow! How can so many SD dealers fall over? Sure, the product has gone through some boom and bust cycles building top of the line one year and some horrors the next but all in all, the craft are at the top of the popularity charts.

I have only just returned from Australia, where I had the conversation with Jetski Warehouse and they agreed with me completely. "One franchise or brand does not cut it". In the USA, BRP (Seadoo) products are sold in multi brand dealerships and this helps with survival between these cycles which keep the doors open long term. Look at your local PWC outlet in NZ - most of them are one brand only unless they are importing independently. If they hold the hot model this year, they are smiling and if not it's a slippery slope of survival.

While the 2012 models are being released at a glitzy, mega budget 'conference' currently in the USA, I spare a thought for those in the past who have poured their all into dealerships no one now remembers and wonder how long it will take before the brand thinks of the big picture and respects the dedication and dollars that have been cost to build their image.

In remembrance of the NZ Seadoo dealerships that have been;


New Era Seadoo

Napier Toyota

Promoto Taupo

Huka Honda

Race Tech

Boyz Toyz Wellington

Bay Outboards

PWC Planet

Ocean & Earth Powersports

Watercraft World (ex Sea Doo)

Rollos Marine (ex Sea Doo)

Family Boats (ex Sea Doo)

Makz Gear (ex Sea Doo)

Bretts Marine (ex Sea Doo parts)

Outboard Marine Specialties (ex Sea Doo parts)

Mike Phillips (ex Sea Doo)

Tristram Marine (ex Sea Doo)

.... and the list grows..... who will be next?


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