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25 hrs: too long for 1st service

This shot was captured November 2022 while performing a first service on a Seadoo. Needless to say it's a shocking sight for the owner.

It does reinforce our personal view that the first service should be undertaken within 12 months of first hitting the water, or less than 25 hours - whichever comes first.

Owner service manuals and "maintenance reminders" on the dash are a poor guide.

The exception to the rule is fresh water use, eg: Waikato River, Lake Taupo, etc.

So, if you are going to buy a ski and keep it for over five years, our proven service schedule is 10 + 50 or 12 mths. (1st service at 10 hrs and service every 50 hrs after that OR every 12 months, whichever come first). All brands.


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