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Review of 2013

The year the Seadoo Spark entered the market, major changes in the Seadoo dealer lineup and Yamaha becomes stronger than ever. Another year in our opinion...

So what was eventful in 2013 in the PWC scene? It was pretty much a game changer year for the consumer with Sea Doo's release of the Spark. This craft all be it plastic and flexi and cheaper than a good lap top computer has opened up the market to a whole new price range shopper. No longer do you have to pay ten k and get a second hand ski of unknown history from the pages of Trade Me, you can now plonk your hard earned on the counter of your local SD dealer and tow away a new machine for the price of old. How do I think these will go long term? If your blessed with being in fresh water no problem but if you’re in the salt......well let’s see what’s under the hood by the end of the warranty period.

Used machine buyers this year used the Spark as a negotiation tool when it came down to price of older machines..... Why should you pay nine K for a used GTI 130 when a new Spark is five hundred dollars more? I tell you why, I still rate the GTI 130 as one of the best craft of all time. Massive fun three seater with reliability of the 1500 Rotax engine in it's least stressed format.

Kawasaki missed summer this season with only left overs in the dealerships of last year’s models and the 310 ski's still not here as I write this. I have had the pleasure of seeing a new 310 which was brought in direct by a customer and it is kind of cool with stereo and uber power. The trusty old 15F models are still pouring out the door but once you have seen a model change only colour and graphics for the tenth time I wonder if these are to be badged as the trusty toyota or considered old models even as they leave the showroom floor. No pole ski from Kawi anymore is super sad so I have been buying up my share of used ones to ensure having one to ride at all times.

Yamaha kicked off the season bigger than Texas with a massive release for their 2014 models in Aussie. The new big jet pump in the SHO models was a hit as was the extra power and of course the market place just love Yamaha reliability. Cool white models top the range and there is a ski for every price range although none make it quite as cheap for entry level as the Spark. Yamaha say their craft are designed to give years of fun to the owners so disposable nor recyclable are things at the top of the list of important features.

Who's your local dealer? Well if you blink that may change with the constant ditching and signing of new shops around the country side to pedal the watercraft to the consumer. In keeping things positive some of the changes this year have included Makz Gear in Tauranga ending it's relationship with Sea Doo after 13 years and taking on Yamaha watercraft to move their business to the next level.

Action Sports in Tauranga have taken on the Sea Doo brand and expanded their showroom and workshop to accommodate this move.

Kiwi Ski in Palmerston North have joined the ranks of the independent repair shops after fifteen years of being a Sea Doo dealer( + or - a holiday ), BRP have moved the brand to AFC Motorcycles in the same town.

Jetskifishing got a boost with Kirk Davis taking this aspect of the sport to new heights and getting TV time on a weekly basis with his show The Jetskifishing Channel. If you ask me a massive effort by him from a guy who is just a jetskifishing fanatic that gets no financial return from the sport.

This year was noted as being our busiest ever from the angle of answering prospective purchasers questions as to " What is the best brand to buy?" The start of the season had us answering the questions of multiple callers a day wondering which was the best brand to buy and what was best avoided. As a true independant this is an advice service that can not be matched by brand stores.

NOTE: We now no longer offer advise on second hand ski's or look at advertised ones on Trade Me etc for our opinion. The only thing that happens when we give our opinion is that we get hate mail from the sellers if they dont share our view. All bad so more.

I’d say the future looks bright in the PWC world with the manufacturers coming up with new and exciting things for us consumers to enjoy. Ski M.D will be certain to keep you in the loop from an un biased angle as the year goes on and the changes take place.

Thank you to all our customers from the year gone by and we hope we can serve your best interests in 2014 as you are what makes our companies heart beat and we appreciate that.

- Kevin

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