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Review of 2012

The unofficial end of year wrap up of all things as we see it in the NZ jetski world.

Wrapping up 2012 has left me with lots of things to ponder and after 16 years of messing with all things PWC at one level or another, a couple of things spring to mind as important.

As a new or used ski “first time buyer” independent and unbiased real advice from knowledgeable sources can make the difference between a newbie falling in love with the sport or ending up in a downward spiralling and costly exercise. This exact case happened to us in a different form when Cathie and I decided to buy a used motorhome to get away from the shop on Sundays. Now don’t dream up thoughts of us being rich or anything as this purchase was in jetski terms like looking to buy in the under 7K bracket which you can accept that this is a used item. Our own experience went like this;

The trawl through Trade Me left us with a price range in mind and a few vehicles to look at. First stop was a three hour drive out of town to an Authorized Motorhome Dealer where we let him know we were first time buyers and looked to him for some good advice. We took one of his offerings for a drive and spent some time staring at all the bells and whistles before deciding to sleep on it before a decision. We noted to the dealer that we had spotted a couple of things not working and agreed that one of these would be corrected if we purchased it, the other I would sort myself.

A week later I flew down to drive it back and after a quick “here it is and see ya later”, I was on the road. Now this vehicle was advertised on Trade me with TV, three way fridge, gas cooking and hot water and last but not least two stereos. Once home we set about learning how it all worked as no demonstration or instruction was given upon collection. Well with no gas bottle included, nothing gas worked, both stereo’s …no go! Three way fridge was down to one way. The tv had no receiver so was good for “well nothing”. I also drove away with no Road Users left and the certified tow bar (essential kit to tow the pole ski’s) had wiring that was making everything flash.

The moral of this story is that advice from an independent source and pre-purchase inspection can certainly save money, time and stress when you are purchasing something you know little about.

Secondly, that the advice you receive from the dealer is only what they want you to know and what makes them the sale. Who cares about warranty and Consumers Guarantees Act when all you want as the buyer is to get something that is good to go properly now!

Cathie and I offer PWC advice to 1st time buyers almost daily in our business and I now have a hint of why it is so popular.

Anyway I now sit in my 18 year old motorhome tapping out this spiel and I have all functions working as the solar panel charges the house battery which feeds the inverter and has my lap top plugged in to it. Then I stand on the roof to get signal so as the stick can connect me to the big wide world. Progress they call it! We used to just call each other up.

What’s hot and what was not in the year just gone?


Small model range, no more pole ski but the 300 hp Ultra is king of the castle for open water riders. If you are in the market for new, ride this before you spend your money.


Solid performers with quality and reliability plus fantastic aftersales back up. FXHO remains #1 for Jetskifishing. Down side is if you want one, demand has been exceeding supply so ordering in advance has been a must.

Sea Doo:

Loads of models, awesome transformer like looks, New hulls and more electronics than a space shuttle. Dealer appointments and collapses plus the closure of the Planet to me no surprise but once again took ten years product and technical experience out of the Auckland market. Christchurch is the place thats rocking for Sea Doo at the moment with the dealership down there selling them as fast as he can get them. And I may add congratulations to Brad Clarke "World Champ" World Finals 2012.


Any time now……..? Can’t wait.


The Flit motorboat company still catching web shoppers and selling unsupported rubbish.


Kirk Davis is taking this aspect of the sport to the next level apparently securing TV time for his Jetskifishing escapades. Persistence has paid off and personality has moved him into the top spot.


Strap this oversized, jetski powered fire hose to your back and let your mates shoot you all over the sky while you are in control of the direction (yeah right). As Maritime pull the reigns tighter on jetski rental operations in Auckland, I wonder if they have seen this baby in action. Manta Ray springs to mind – the worlds most popular inflatable toy ever made and was banned in the USA for causing fatalities.

Trade Me:

Still the one stop shop for used machine purchasers with no dealer fees but if the seller is packing poor feedback……keep looking as there are plenty to choose from. Fees are getting killer though so this medium for selling may be moving to the end of its popularity.

Ski M.D.

Shop hours are changing…… keep an eye on the web site. 2012 was an extremely busy year for us with a few major projects we had on the go.

Jetski Junk was launched in September 2012 as a NZ first - aimed at NZ jetski owners who don’t have a local store to buy parts or accessories and would normally shop overseas. Visitor numbers to this web store has been great and the great spin off from the added sales is major recognition from overseas parts suppliers and manufacturers – meaning Jetski Junk is constantly sourcing good gear and importantly, at the right price to pass on to the customers. A couple of major suppliers which have recently starting supporting us are JETTRIBE USA and WORX AUS. We have just lodged a massive parts order with Hot Products USA for delivery in early Jan so with bulk purchasing and a great exchange rate, expect to see some of the best parts pricing we have ever seen in NZ to kick start 2013!

Well to all our faithful customers, it has been a privilege to be your chosen provider for yet another year and we look forward to seeing you again in 2013. In the mean time, enjoy the summer weather and get out on the water when ever time allows you as life is short, but it’s the longest thing you get.


(all just my point of view.... no need to sue)

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