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This is our last workshop! (Probably..)

Right before Christmas 2022 we were able to secure the perfect commercial property in central Waikato which we have been transforming into a custom jetski workshop. The location, although strange to many when we say "we're in Te Aroha", is the perfect location for us to cover our rather large service area that now reaches from Auckland to Tauranga and across to Hamilton and the Coromandel peninsula.

This is the second workshop we have built from scratch in the last 15 years. Some of you will remember our Papakura workshop in Auckland which followed on from the small Takanini shop where Ski MD started 16 years ago. We lived on site at Papakura for five years in order to offer a variety of hours and after-hours drop off to make it easier for customers navigating the Auckland traffic.

We left our Auckland base around 2013 in search of better life balance, moving to Tairua on the Coromandel peninsula shifting focus to 95% completely mobile service. What a beautiful place that was to live! So peaceful in winter and a bustling holiday hot spot over New Years. But despite searching high and low for suitable workshop space on the coast for the bigger jobs, we couldn't find anything suitable, and trying to juggle multiple jobs in a single garage space was very inefficient.

The decision to leave Tairua was a tough one, but it turned out to be the best move. Not only for the central location making it easier for a commuting base, but about 6 months after we left Tairua the State Highway collapsed and the alternative would have added about 2 hours travel per day for a year.

So this is the last workshop for us.. Maybe not the last one for Ski MD, but who knows! ;-) CG.


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