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Dreading the end of year gather up of information is normal for me. It tests my knowledge of Xero which has updated a few versions since this time last year making familiar territory not an option. However, I'm on the other side now and I have some interesting numbers to share in a pretty pie chart.

This graph represents the total number of 'services' for the last season, divided into brand. Yamaha and Seadoo models were so close despite the total numbers. I believe this tells an accurate tale about the market share for each brand in Auckland.

Now that I have analysed this data, I hope to review the results next year. What I wonder is if Yamaha will lose it's microscopic advantage on the leader board as we start to see more FishPro's coming up for servicing.

Also, we expect the Kawasaki pie slice to increase of the next few years as the new Kawasaki NZ owners gather together the momentum of their dealer network and rumor has it there are some new models to be released..?

This graphic below is from our website in 2011 when we said that Yamaha was increasing their market share and banging some healthy numbers out of the showrooms. Nine years on and it's neck for neck!

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